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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Want great tips? I just came up with a quick list for you. How's this?

  1. log everything that goes in your mouth
  2. drink enough water so that you pee clear
  3. cut out or limit all other drinks, including but not limited to diet soft drinks
  4. log your activities
  5. log your sleep
  6. burn more calories than you consume
  7. eat nutrient dense food
  8. stay away from empty calories
  9. cut out or limit simple carbs and other trigger foods
  10. be honest with what you log
  11. know that not all fats are created equal. Nuts, avocados, olive oil are just a few good ones
  12. know that not all carbs are created equal
  13. take in enough protein, there are varying opinions on how much is enough. Some say 1g/lb of body weight, others say 1g/lb of lean body mass, and others may say 1g/kg of body weight
  14. try to eat balanced meals and snacks. Protein, fats and carbs with every meal. Don't eat a 1/2 dozen donuts and 3 hours later try to catch up with a pound of chicken
  15. take pictures of yourself in your undies or bathing suit, etc and keep the pictures
  16. know that excuses will take you nowhere but backwards
  17. take junk food out your house, if it's not there, you'll be less tempted to eat it
  18. weight your food
  19. know that more effort = more results
I may come up with more.
Great tips!

I would add to this with drink green tea to help stimulate your metabolism, burn fat, and decrease hunger (proven, just research on the net)


take fish oil to help to reduce spikes in insulin which triggers fat storage (proven, again references available on the net).


eat a high fiber diet which will not only help bind saturated fat, lower cholesterol, but will also keep you fuller for longer.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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