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Here is a tip that worked for me... "don't eat so much"

You have to figure out what you are having in an average day and then cut it way back. Don't worry all of us here were overeating, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Start reading the calorie labels and understanding how many calories you are eating.

These days i eat 1500 calories to lose weight and around 2500 to maintain. Some things i used to eat...

Pepperoni, 4 or 5 sticks 800 - 1000 calories.
Kraft Dinner 2 boxes 1900 calories
A=W Milkshake 1800 calories

As you can see i found out why i was overweight! And of course the milkshake would also be bought with a Burger and fries so add in another 800 calories and lunch alone would come to 2600 calories. Crazy stuff.

A few rules i follow now. Any piece of meat is the size of my palm, no bigger and no second helpings. Start every meal with any kind of salad. No more than 6 slices of whole wheat bread per week. Pasta is only once a month. Lots of veggies and lots more veggies. No processed food and no restaurant food.
Started weightloss January 7 267

Currently weigh in at 267 lbs

December 1 goal 190 lbs

I'm back after a couple year absence... and a 68lb weight gain!!
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