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Default Besides journaling (awesome, btw):

Preferably something that I can't do and eat concurrently!

For example, sometimes I'll get in the tub and just center myself and think on why I'm out of sorts. Alternatively, progressive relaxation, where I sit in a chair and tense up one muscle group at a time, then let it relax all the way out (I start at the feet and work my way up to my forehead).

Sometimes I'll pick up one of the books I have around here on nutrition, diet, or exercise, just to refocus myself on what I want and what it will take to get there, and to remind myself to take care of me. I'll go through and find that one quote that really seems to apply at the time and keep it in the back of my head the rest of the day.

Looking over old journal entries is good, me a lot of perspective (as in, Wow, was I really that crazy last July? lol).

I gotta say it...exercise. I will literally tell myself out loud to get my butt up and on the treadmill. The endorphins start, I feel strong when I exercise, and I have a great playlist of really motivating songs, and the lyrics really help me get in touch with what's been percolating.

I think I post a lot also to keep from eating...just trying to flesh things out, and it would be weird to stuff my face while posting on FitDay !

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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