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Default Thank you for your input!

I have started to include some of the specific exercises mentioned into my work outs and work day. I picked up a set of 3 lb weights for my office and take several breaks to do the arm and push-up type exercises you all have recommended. I am relatively pain/ache free throughout the day as long as I keep the muscles stretched out. I have also found that doing yoga for 10 minutes before I get out to walk (I walk my dog for at least an hour a day) really helps as my muscles are then nice and warmed up. I used to go out cold turkey and could really feel it if the dog were to pull a bit. Now my body is better able to move with any leash tension and I do not get sore shoulders (the dog does not pull badly, but my shoulders get sore easily). I am hopeful that by keeping to this routine I will be able to relieve most of the issue in the long run as I am quite young still.

Thanks again!
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