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Originally Posted by matthieuduquette View Post
I have noticed that when you use the premade food log items such as juice or just about anything there are amounts of water in grams added to your food log which is great! However there seems to be no way to add water content to custom foods like fruit juices for example which is mostly water. Any ideas/suggestios?

For something like green tea, which is mostly water, this can be done.

I start with "Water, bottled, non-carbonated, DASANI" and then "Customize this food" entering the name Green Tea and then entering the custom values for green tea (basically just the calories, sodium, and potassium levels because everything else is basically trace amounts).

Then I'll hit "Create this food". When you enter your custom food Green Tea into your food log, it will now show up as "water" if indeed you are tracking water as a custom nutrient.

Here's a link to the thread for how to do this process:

Anybody drinking green tea for weight loss?

You can do this for fruit juices, but the values would be off since fruit juices are not basically 100% water. In that case, you can customize one of the many fruit juices that FitDay has in the database:

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