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Originally Posted by butterflybabe1997 View Post
I think mostly what I'm looking for is advice on what to eat and what not to eat. xD So basically I'm asking you to be my mother and tell me what not to eat

Unfortunately, nobody here can do that for you. It's like having someone do your'll get done, but you won't learn anything, and you'll ultimately fail the test.

However, I agree that there are some people who do very well following a prescribed may want to check out some plans on the internet or diet books if you feel like you need a plan that spells out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Possibly Googling 1500 calorie plan (or 1400, or 1300, or whatever) might provide some answers for you.

Mike above had a good idea about posting your food journal, though; people could look at it and perhaps make suggestions about how to tweak it.

Edit... I was just on another page of FitDay and saw an ad for Biggest Loser meal plans by ediets. That might be something to check out if you want a meal plan spelled out for you. Mods, if that reference violates the rules, please remove it; I figured it was okay since it appears on this site as an ad, and technically it offers something that FitDay doesn't provide, so it's not direct competition AFAIK. Regrets if that was erroneous thinking!

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