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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
How awesome is that! And THANK YOU for the feedback! I've been "swearing" by this green tea for some time now. ALL the articles I've read say, as fact, that it helps with weight loss. The niacin is also a proven winner. I can't say that potassium 'aids' in weight loss, I haven't seen anything like that, but since it's such a key player in the physiology of energy it makes sense that it's going to affect loss in some indirect way.

What are your totals these days for potassium? Have you been tracking the numbers? I am now EASILY getting around 5 K a day. Just eating a sweet potato with 1/4 teaspoon of "No Salt", along with 8 ounces of Low Sodium V8 is usually enough to put me over the top, along with the rest of my clean diet.

Congratulations again on your weight loss! You are welcome to join the "5-15 Pound Club" now in the Men's forum!
Ha ha--I've still got over 20 to go, but it won't be long before I can join!

I can't say I really track my nutrients all that closely, I mostly pay attention to carbs/fat/protein rely on making "good" choices food-wise and taking my supplements. I know I tend to be high on sodium so I figure the potassium helps off-set that to some extent. I do have a banana most every day and four to eight prunes (I love them! Lots of fiber, too).

But yes, I'm hooked on green tea. I still have my coffee in the morning, but it's green tea from then on. Tastes good and seems to have helped kick up my daily burn.

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