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Default Potassium-Rich Foods (K:calories ratio)

Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Vito, I must say that adding green tea, Niacin and potassium supplements to my daily intake has kicked my loses back up a notch. Averaging almost two pounds a week again. That includes a day here or there at the 2k level, and perhaps a couple equal to my calculated daily burn (2400). Not bad for being 16 months into this and not having gotten back into my daily exercise routine.

Thanks for sharing your research!


How awesome is that! And THANK YOU for the feedback! I've been "swearing" by this green tea for some time now. ALL the articles I've read say, as fact, that it helps with weight loss. The niacin is also a proven winner. I can't say that potassium 'aids' in weight loss, I haven't seen anything like that, but since it's such a key player in the physiology of energy it makes sense that it's going to affect loss in some indirect way.

What are your totals these days for potassium? Have you been tracking the numbers? I am now EASILY getting around 5 K a day. Just eating a sweet potato with 1/4 teaspoon of "No Salt", along with 8 ounces of Low Sodium V8 is usually enough to put me over the top, along with the rest of my clean diet.

Congratulations again on your weight loss! You are welcome to join the "5-15 Pound Club" now in the Men's forum!

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