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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Pam - sorry you're not feeling well, but I think being calm and not overdoing before your race maybe the message you need to hear! Yes, fall is the reason New England winter is worth it!

Today I ran for 9 minutes - and did get a little over a mile in, then lifted, I was pushing the edge with some of my lifts, that "I know I have one more rep in me". The trainer who sees me as his personal project (I expect he makes everyone feel like that, it's good technique), suggested we get together next week, and I have a great urge to impress him. I'm such a little kid grubbing for my next grade, but if it gets me working out, its a good thing.

Wish me luck, I'm giving a major presentation today.

Best of luck on the presentation.

WOW 8:50ish minute per mile is great!
I know what you mean about feeling like a kid looking for that extra "atta-girl". I do the same thing. It's why I really like working out with a coach present. They really do give you that little extra incentive.
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