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I am a true skeptic and was first told about the HCG diet from my anti-aging doctor a few years ago. I had 10 pounds to loose (hey im small so that is a lot for me) but I figured I could loose it with working out and aerobic exercise. But I was wrong. I have always been fit and thought I ate well. However, I wasn't as good as I thought at eating. All I did with all that working out was gain muscle over fat. I still had fat. And after having a baby over 40 I lost my tiny toned tummy and the c-section bulge. Finally a friend went on the diet and lost 25 lbs in her first round. I decided to try it and go the bio-identical route (hhcg KetoMist). OMG, I gained 4 lbs in the gorge days and lost it the first 2 days and then lost the other 10 lbs in 23 days. I transitioned then to P3. I have learned how to eat real food all the time, eat organic when I can afford it, watch my sugar and carbs not fats. I really think about portion size more and make better decisions on eating. Increased my protein with real food and feel much better. So yes you do learn how to eat properly if you read the books and do the diet as described. A cheat here and there does happen and it will be OK. Currently I am fighting off 3 lbs I put on somehow ( I think Halloween ). In two days I have lost 1.5 of the lbs I put on by doing a protein day and a P2 eating day at BMR. I am doing a protein day today and hopefully tomorrow I can go back to normal. You must weight daily, I know understand why.

So another thumbs up for the HCG.
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