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Yikes, makes me nervous that with neck and shoulder pain a MRI wasn't ordered. Having 3 neck surgeries under my belt so far I know for a fact that neck and shoulder pain come from compression or bulges and that needs to be addressed first. Once the doctor see's what is going on you can plan a much safer workout. If you have any arm pain such as in your triceps and forearms do not lift weights until you get a MRI. OK that said, I used to be a weight lifting guru. I ran daily and lifted at least 4 times a week. Life changed when I had several work related injuries that left me with a jacked up neck. And nerve damage. That said with the help of medicines I may not run but can and do lift weights as much as I can (Have fibro now too so sometimes i am just to sore and beat). I did the Tony Horton P90 without pain. So I would suggest his videos. I think P90X might be to much for me but the master series I also can do. Since I do not have a gym close I have dumbbells and use them and a variety of videos. Just do not lift heavy above your head, like with presses. If your shoulders hurt try light weights or bands to do your side and front raises. Keep your knees bent and just go lighter on bicep curls. Push ups did not hurt my neck as long as I keep my neck in proper position. Use the floor or a bench more then the ball in my opinion because the ball forces you to keep your neck unsupported and it causes me pain. Bands hurt less then weights but I cannot give up my weights. My Neuro surgeon told me not to do the elliptical because of the motion (which I found as true) and movement of your arms. Since I do not run now I do walk and try to walk uphill on the treadmill, do yoga (OMG great for painful days and keeping your body strong) videos, and other various videos. I just do not do the jumps and lifts I just modify.

Just my thoughts. Please do not go to the Chiropractor without knowledge of where the pain is coming from. More harm then good can come from twisting and cracking of the neck. Do not trust your family doctor with your neck pain. Research and go to a Orthopedic doc or a DO to be cleared for working out. Take it from me I did it all wrong the first time around and ended up in so much pain I wanted to cut my arm off. Remember pain does not mean you cannot be fit.

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