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wow thanks guys...sorry if my 2 cents rubbed you the wrong way...

1. I did read the post...all is says is don't overeat. If you look at what I said, I was adding to that and fleshing out that it is important to focus on a caloric deficit.

2. If spreading your eating out like that works for you that is awesome. I just wanted to spell out that you really need to be conscience of what you are putting in your maw.....I found this out when I started getting serious with my diet and started tracking my food intake. I was by no means overeating, however the "everyday" foods I was eating were putting me over my BMR.

3. I love anecdotes, but there are diets out their that preach the exact opposite of what you are suggesting. I understand that you are just suggesting a diet that works for you. I am sure it will work for others in that the spacing you are suggesting will definately control hunger between meals. But again if you are not eating below your BMR then the timing of your eating means nothing.

I meant no disrespect to the original poster. Sorry to upset you guys. Press on with what you are doing and enjoy life....peace...

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