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Hi All,
Nice run Pixie. You and I seem to be on the same program.

Mary, curling sounds like so much fun - good job on the bike ride. Do you get a lot of snow where you are? I know it is cold there. Being such a weather weenie myself, I admire you for getting out there.

Abby, I'll try to get some pix uploaded in the next week or two. The trails that I run are really lovely and I feel fortunate to have easy access to them, including the ones at my Sierra house. BTW I was in your neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago. I had a meeting in Providence and then spent the weekend with DH's parents in Lexington and sister in Whaltham. Thurs was rainy, cold and nasty (just as I remember Oct on the east coast) but Fri and Sat were lovely crisp autumn days. I do miss the fall. In southern Calif we do not have fall at all and only a mini-spring. The eastern Sierras have a fall, but we don't have the maples, oaks, etc to provide the glorious fall foliage. We have aspens which are pretty spectacular, but only yellow.

I am feeling a little under the weather this week. Nothing too bad, just low energy and a bit of a sore throat. I had planned on taking it easy anyway so I should be just fine by Sunday's race. I did go to X-fit yesterday and I have to say (quietly so the coaches don't here) that it was really easy, 100 m sprint - X8. Pretty much perfect for both my energy level and training program.

Mary, I hope you don't get too worn out by your drive. I know when I do much more that 4 hours behind the wheel, I am whipped.

Keep up the good work everyone!
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