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Hi Pixiedust, sounds like some great runs, and

Pam - I find myself visualizing where you are, you don't write a lot of scenic descriptions, but some how, just the place names transport me.

Mary, your bike ride and walk also bring me to a beautiful place, far nicer than your car ride description!

So, I've been missing (again), I had a lovely weekend with old friends, and not much movement, Monday found me doing yard work (we took the day off as we were traveling for the weekend), Tuesday I should have gotten up to spin, but the motiviation wasn't sufficient, just couldn't get out of bed despite saying to myself "you'll feel better moving than not moving". Which brings us to today - I had a dentist appt so couldn't make the Y before work, instead, I went for a run - 5 AM found me slipping out my front door, and deciding "what the H, I'll go the hilly way" it was very challenging at the beginning, but then, I was at a top, and could go down, and then up again, and so forth. I could have gone for longer than I did, but I lack a watch, so I was worried about being late for the dentist -

it was only 2.94 miles, but 115 elevation (thanks Map My Run) - it was 35 minutes, and, I didn't feel like I had pushed my boundaries. Is that good or bad? It's good that those boundaries are now much broader, but bad if I'm slacking on pushing them.

Hope you are all in as beautiful a place as New England right now, we have perfect Indian Summer (that's an OK phrase, isn't it?), and the leaves are amazing!

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