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Default Food choices for weight Gain (help?)

- -My goal is to gain weight (primarily in muscle, some fat is more than welcome. I am 5"8 and 129 pounds 20 years old (yea i know....).

- -So I have recently started a workout routine which basically exhausts myself out every 2 days. I basically work half my muscles until i can't move them on one day, then work the other half the next day, take a day off and continue the routine.

- -My eating habits used not to include breakfast- but otherwise are the same as they are now.

- - I have added a (large) bowl of cereal for breakfast, health bar with a banana or pear for snack, then i have lunch, unfortunately my lunch choices are bojangles, nothing but noodles, subway, arby's, wendy's, shiraz grill, and mexican. then i come home and have a choice to snack or not carrots with ranch, or chips and salsa, ect choices.

- -(estimated 3,000-3,300 cal, while burning 2,900-3,200 cal 49% carb, 15% protein, 36% fat 0% alcohol)

- ? - so my ultimate question is for suggestions in my eating habits or my over all weekly routine in order to efficiently help gain weight , primarily in muscle mass, however weight is alright also.
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