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Default How do you see yourself?

I'm more than 100 punds overweight and I'm just starting (again) on fitday.

I wonder how you see yourselves and how this impacts perseverance, motivation and other factors for weightloss.

I don't see myself as obese and I wonder if this makes me less motivated. I know I have to shop plus-size and that I'm out of shape, but I feel beautiful and sexy and it's hard for me to stick with it just to get healthy. The long-term concerns associated with obesity seem like somebody else's problem since I don't have any diatbetes/cholestorol/heart disease issues YET. Today is my third day on fitday and I want to work every angle (I've already started on food and exercise) so I'm looking here for any input on the psychological aspect of weightloss.

Love to hear your feedback!
Thanks, Belle
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