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Originally Posted by Muddydogs View Post
We have these same types of trails around here that my wife, kids and I like to bike on. We get the same problems with dogs and people. One of our biggest problems is with people either walking or riding bikes 2 to 3 abreast on the trail coming the opposite direction.

We have posted rules on our Rails to Trails. They state that you must stay to the right at all times, pass on the left, and call out to the person in front of you that you are passing on the left. Is that so difficult? No. But people today only care about themselves and don't give a flip about anyone nor are they remotely interested in rules.

A few weeks ago I was on my mountain bike on another part of the trail and way up ahead of me I saw about 4 people and what looked to be a dog on a very long leash stretching the width of the entire trail so I could not pass. As I approached the mother, father, two kids and dog didn't bother to move out of my way so I had to stop. Guess what I found. The father was playing with his 5 year old daughter, allowing her to play doggy and pretend she was on this retractable leash while blocking the width of the entire trail (violation blocking and more than the 6 foot limit) while the dog walked along side without being leashed (violation) and they weren't walking on the right side of the trail (violation) nor did they move out of the way as I approached but continued to block the entire trail (violation).

Of course at least I got the obligatory "Oh, we're sorry" but were they? Are inconsiderate people like this really ever sorry? I don't believe so. Because they will do it again as you state.

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