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We have these same types of trails around here that my wife, kids and I like to bike on. We get the same problems with dogs and people. One of our biggest problems is with people either walking or riding bikes 2 to 3 abreast on the trail coming the opposite direction. Well its fun coming around a sharp corner and there is another bike or person walking right in front of you trying to cause a head on. I am usually in the lead just because my wife likes to follow me for what ever reason, now I am a big boy (6'10" 290 pounds and falling) and not scared of much so when I come around a corner and see the idiot in my lane I figure that if I risk my neck getting out of there way they will probably just run into the wife or kids so if anyone is going to take a hit it might as well be me. After more then 1000 miles on the local trails I am happy to say that I have not hit a one of them but I have watched quite a few eat some grass and dirt as they crash off the trail getting out of my way. Some of the best wrecks have been when the bike in my lane trys to cut back into there lane hitting the rear tire of the bike in front of them sending both into the woods.
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