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So why didn't you teach this person a lesson? People like this are not going to change unless they are made to change and the best way to do that is there pocket book. What you should have done is treated it like a traffic accident called the cop and got her information. Then proceed to the doctor for tests and ex-rays to make sure nothing got broken. When she got the bill or her home owners insurance went up maybe she would get the picture. Ya its a pain for you and takes up your time but that is the only way these type of people are going to get it short of punching them in the face or shooting there dog which would only land you in jail.

If she would have tried to leave the scene I would have followed her with 911on the line explaining that she was leaving the scene and get her plate number if she got in a car. The big thing here is don't get mad, cuss or be rude just play the victim you are and state that you are not sure how bad you are hurt but you hit the pavement hard. Don't give them any reason to fear for there safety or think you are going to hurt them.
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