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Originally Posted by rcooper1us View Post
Hi there! am new here.
Hi and welcome to FitDay!

Originally Posted by rcooper1us View Post
i entered them today but they are showing up on the calendar as today's meals. how do i change it to be on yesterday's date?
While you are on the 'Foods' tab, this is your Food Journal (not your calendar), at the top you will find an arrow that points backwards. This will scroll to the previous day where you can then add your foods.

Originally Posted by rcooper1us View Post
also, i cant start another log for today's foods unless I delete all i put in there today.
any ideas? thanks
If you want to delete foods, while you are in the food journal you simply click the (x) which is to the right of that food.

Let us know if your questions were resolved.

Finally, if you click on the blue "fitday questions" hyperlink at the bottom left side of this page (under the word "Tags") it will take you to all the questions that people have about FD. It's kinda like our "help files". That will answer many of your questions as you do a little reading.

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