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Just wanted to reply that I am hypothyroid. I struggle with my weight and can't tell you there is a perfect solution. I've always done best for fast weight loss with low-carb eating (but that's hard to keep up long-term for me) and then switching over to an easier if slower plan I'll outline here:

I try only to eat 100 calories or less of anything I have except for some lean protiens. For example, I'll have any of the following on hand throughout the day, dry cereal, canned tuna, cheese stick, yogurt, nuts, sunflower seeds, cold cuts, deli packaged chicken, plain hot-air popped corn w/ butter flavored crisco pam style spray, minute rice cups, and fruits and veggies of course, etc.

I basically look for anything I enjoy eating that I can easily measure and therefore acurately control my calorie intake. I'll have grilled shrimp and steamed veggies (request both without added fat -oil & butter) mostly at restaurants or salads without croutons, proteins or dressings.

Well, I hope this helps!

Best of luck, Belle
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