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[SIZE="3"]Welcome Aboard the Sexy Train heading into bootyliciousville. Love to have ya along for the ride! There is no age limit on Sexy..Sexy is after all a state of mind ![/SIZE]

Originally Posted by tdiederich View Post
When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought, oh that thread must be for the younger girls. But then I broke down and decided to take a peek and read some of the post and got a good chuckle out of quite a few of them (especially the ones talking about "the girls" . . . I took care of that problem when I was 36, after my divorce, treated myself to a lift and enhancement, now I am a nice perky 34D, 32D when I was 122lbs, which I hope to be again soon). Well, either way, despite the fact that I am going to be 50 in a couple of months, I thought there is no reason why I can't be SEXY TOO. I only have 8 more lbs before I am back down to 122lbs and then bikini's here I come. I bought 3 bikini's last year from Victoria Secret and it felt so good to be able to wear them last summer so I am looking forward to being able to wear them again this summer. I guess if I had to gain back 16 lbs, it was a good thing I did it in the fall/winter and have the spring to lose it again. Just wish I didn't gain it in the first place. So, dispite that fact I am almost 50, can I be part of your SEXY Girl club? Thanks

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