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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
you hit on some key points. Without a doubt I was getting bored with P90X. Last week I started my own routine, which is just some weight training 3 days a week, some ab routines and walking. My HR only pegged out at 200bpm on Plyometrics, which I no longer do.
I jog (for short distances) sometimes when I go for a walk. At that point my HR gets around 180-186bpm I assumed that was way too high because I was told that my max heart rate should be 220 minus my age, which would put my MAX at 182bpm. I thought targeted zone is 65%-85% (118-155) of max HR. So yours gets to 185 and you are 40 something, and that's normal? Maybe I'm normal... LOL
I hate to sound paranoyd about it especially if there isn't a real problem. Does anyone else monitor their HR?
As for cafeine, I ONLY drink water and eat very little chocolate now. I got off of my green tea pills b/c it contained caffeine.
Yes, I have to mix up the workouts too. Working out is not really my thing, I don't crave it or love it, so it bores me easily and it's very easy to talk myself into doing almost anything else. So if I don't change it up all the time it flies out the window. I don't know if that's the ADD talking or it's normal.

I'm not familiar with any HR formulas. All I know is the gym I belong to has posters everywhere and all the equipment has HR rates on them to gauge your workout level. They vary a little from one piece of equipment to the next, but basically I don't get alarmed if my heart rate is 200 or lower. When I first started working out I would get it up over 300 sometimes and that was a little scary. Also I've found that when I hold my breath while lifting it fluctuates a lot more. So I try to breath as part of my lifting technique. You're supposed to breath in during the lift, but I always end up exhaling. That's okay so long as I don't hold my breath my heart rate doesn't go nuts.

I don't actually own an HR monitor, but I was born with a heart murmur which occasionally causes my heart to race, so I take my pulse frequently, especially at the gym. I love the equipment that takes it while your on it, like the elliptical and the stationary bike, and for me in a full throttle workout 150-185 is normal. That's even printed on the machine as a "cardio" range for my age group. Maybe your heart rate is normal for you during a workout, I don't know. You still should talk to your doctor about it and keep an eye on it at the gym. I also can tell you that as your body gets in better and better shape that your heart rate will slow down. My mom is always telling me stories about athletes that end up in the ER and their normal sitting pulse is low enough to set off alarms. But the truth is that their hearts are very very strong and don't need to work hard to get the job done.

Good luck. Are you feeling motivated again? I am, I hit the 50 pound mark this morning. Whooo hoooo!!!
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