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Default Can offer our experience with diabetes

Hi New Diabetic,

I am new at Fitday also. Perhaps we can share info. Both my parents have had Type 2 diabetes for years, and control with diet.

My DH has dealt with first Type 2, then Type 1 diabetes since way before glucose meters. When we married he followed the standard ADA diet, experienced highs in the 300's or more at least weekly, had A1c's of 8 & 9, showed signs of neuropathy, and expected to die before 50.

In desperatlon, we finally started to track what worked & what didn't, changed food & reduced insulin needs to [I][less than half/I] of before. He now runs A1c's in the low 6's and is shooting for 5. Morning sugar is usually 80-90, and rarely exceeds 140 one hour after a meal.

I'm not sure what this forum's policies are via a vis web references. I'm happy to share our experience & help if I can. (I had fun learning a whole new way to cook!) The family eats the same diet as I don't want to meal-plan twice, and we are healthier for it.

It's a bit sad, but not unexpected, that you're facing this scary time without more help. Either send an email, or ask away. Together we can!
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