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Default Exercise for Neck/Shoulder Pain

For a few years now I have had constant aching and stiffness in my shoulders and neck. I have tried about 1 million different sleeping positions (even purchased a new bed to see if it would alleviate the problem) and gone through several styles of pillows with no noticeable improvement. I had the issue evaluated by a doctor who determined that there was no underlying medical problem causing this pain and referred me to a chiropractor. I had several visits with the chiropractor some time back and really felt quite a bit of improvement, however, even with the insurance coverage it was just too expensive to continue treatment. I am sedentary for most of the day due to my office job and know that sitting all day is not helping my cause despite a conscious effort to have good posture throughout the day and getting up to stretch about every 45 minutes or so. The chiropractor had given me a few stretching exercises and I also do yoga several times a week both of which seem to help quite a bit but was looking to see if anyone had suggestions for specific exercises or exercise programs that you have found to help release the tension in your shoulders and neck. I find it difficult to perform exercises like the “Hundred” where the neck is to be held off the ground and generally try to stay away from those particular poses and replace them with something more appropriate for my condition. If anyone has suggestions for beneficial exercises/poses to replace the ones that are too difficult for me.

Thank you!
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