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Hi aranki,
Yeah, some of the food choices the creators have chosen to include are a little odd... cuban beans???

Anyway, the most accurate way to use the log is to create your own foods using the nutrient labels on the package. For example, breakfast sausage could be anything from lite versions of standard sausages, chicken sausage or regular old Jimmy Dean full-fat. If you create a food that is exactly what you are eating the calorie and nutrient counts will perfectly reflect what you are putting in your body.

Also there are 2 ways to get at the food library. The "search" feature is OK for some things, but try finding ground beef - you will usually get buffalo. Likewise most of the chicken foods are hard to locate this way. But if you use the browse feature you are more likely to find exactly what is on you plate.

Keep up the logging even if you are getting a little frustrated - most of us agree that it is the single most effective tool to really managing calories.
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