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Good for you . Holidays are tough. I did Atkins for a year several years ago and lost a bunch of weight but gained it back. One thing that I remember eating for that 'sweet tooth' was that I would scramble a few eggs with a bit of cream cheese and some Splenda and cinnamon in them. That seemed to hit the spot for me.

Now I'm counting calories and it's completely different but I always know that the choice is mine. The other day I ate at Taco Bell because the person I was with has Celiacs disease but she can eat corn taco shells with no problem. So anyway, the meal was like 800 calories! But the choice was mine... and then the next day I only at 888 calories (I didn't mean to do that but I did plan to have a light day).

Anyay, great job and have a great holiday season!
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