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Angry My trick or treat run-in with a dog today

So I go out for a run today and I'm still being cautious about not overdoing it, not straining or spraining anything since I'm still not in the best shape yet.

Just starting out and about 5 minutes into a jog on a paved, rails to trails multi-use path, I see a woman ahead with a leashed black lab. They move from the left side of the trail to the right and I make eye contact with the lady about 10 seconds before I get near her. I move all the way to the left side of the trail and she remains on the right along with the dog.

Just as I get within leash distance of her (and she was violating the regulation because she obviously was using a leash much longer than the mandated 6 foot leash for the trail) the dog jumps out in front of me and before I could react I trip over the dog and go head first for the pavement.

Somehow I get my hands in front of me and I fall on them and slide along the pavement. I think I rolled as well. I now look up and the dog is right in my face. It's a nice dog, but I'm very angry to say the least.

I'll spare everyone the colorful language I hurled at this woman. But what really annoyed me, more than the dog jumping out from a longer leash than allowed, and this woman's inability to contain her animal (and she was not by any means petite) was the fact that she just said "I'm sorry". She didn't ask if I was OK, just said "I'm sorry" about 3 times as I hurled some choice words at her.

As I got up and started to jog away, she said sorry the last time and I turned around and said "Don't be sorry, get effin' SMART! I should sue you!". I'm pretty sure she'll be more careful next time.

I don't know how, but somehow I didn't even have any scrapes on me. My Gore-Tex suit was unscathed, and my hands were a little raw but not bleeding. That was my trick somehow on this Halloween.

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