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Originally Posted by cscan1 View Post
does anyone out there know why it is that atkins does not seem to work as well the second ot third time around? my first try years ago it seemed like a metabolic meltdown...25 lbs in 4 weeks...i have tried faithfully twice over the last year and first time only lost 3 lbs, then nothing for 3 weeks. second time i lost nothing at all over 3 weeks. is there some reason for this??
I don't know if there is an actual "reason" for it or not. Personally, I think alot of it stems from people's expectations.
The first time someone does Atkins, it's like a miracle cure. You lose weight faster than you ever have in your life. It's a thrill, and it makes us all happy and giddy. You feel great, no more heartburn, and can fit into your favorite jeans again!!
Fast forward say 6 months....something happened, you started falling back into your old eating habits. You either don't realize, or choose to ignore how your body is trying to fight back. Heartburn, IBS, you name it, it's back...with a vengeance.
So okay, we hit the Atkins rack once bread, sugar, cookies or cakes.
This is when the impatience fairy rears it's ugly head. We are expecting that rush of adrenaline, that surge of "hey I can lose 5 lbs in 3 days and feel like I've accomplished something Look at me, I'm on the path now!!!"
But guess what?? It's not going to happen. Why?? Because we *KNOW* what to expect now. We look forward to those same milestones and feelings of utter joy.
Instead of being happy with ourselves for taking the bull by the horns and recommitting ourselves to a better way of eating, and eventual weight loss, we think there is something askew with the universe, and the Atkins gods are somehow foiling our attempts to succeed.
I don't know about anyone else, but personally, I know for myself when I started Atkins the first time...every morsel that passed thru my lips was weighed and measured to within an inch of accuracy. Which of course caused amazing results. In just over 3 months, I had lost 40 lbs. For personal reasons, I too put Atkins on the back burner and soon gained all the weight back.
The second time around, I was a bit more lenient with my measures...if it was to be a tablespoon, and it happened to end up a tbsp and a half....oh well, it was close enough. That attitude in itself meant my weight loss would slow down and the lightning round of dropping pounds was over. <again losing 40 lbs in 5 months>

I think if we could all manage to keep that wide eyed wonder and enthusiasm throughout all our attempts at what seems to be our never ending battle, we would find that it wouldn't seem different at all.
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