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Default Baked goods in the breakroom, not gunna touch 'em

A bunch of coworkers brought cookies and cupcakes and pumpkin bread into the breakroom for Halloween. I'm on the induction phase of Atkins, so grains and sugar of any kind are a big no-no for me. I'm sipping my tea and thinking about how much I'm going to enjoy coming home from the gym tonight, and I will not touch them! I've had a really bad day today too, so I'm proud of myself for not feeding that emotional response with sweets.

I think Atkins has been the greatest thing for me so far; on my last attempt at losing weight I could convince myself to eat a cupcake and skip a meal to make up the calories. Since I know that one of them is way more carbs than I'm allowed to have today, it's easier for me to leave it alone.

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