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Default ugh......

So it was a bit of a rough weekend and I fell back into some emotional eating habits and by the gods am I paying for it today. My poor tummy is so mad at me. I believe I will be picking up some Pepto at the grocery store this evening when we go shopping. Let this teach me a lesson about eating junk as a reaction to my stresses. I don't need to feel guilty, my body is giving me enough of a guilt trip on its own!

I've been thinking about maybe trying to find like a ten bean soup mix at my local Food Lion. I saw an awesome looking one at Trader Joe's when I was there with a friend, but until my temp agency comes through with an assignment for me, we're not shopping anywhere "fancy". In case you've got one near you, they have an awesome tomato soup that comes in a box, like the ones used for chicken broth. It comes in both regular and low sodium. Its ready made, so you just have to pour out a portion and heat it up. I like going to the grocery store and finding new things to try, it gets me motivated for the week to come.

Now all I need to do is cruise the on demand channel and see what excerise videos they have to offer. I really liked the little snippet of the Biggest Loser CardioMax they had on, even if Bob destroyed my legs! I'm going to have to break down and buy it when I'm working again. Then again, I've said once I have money coming in I'm going to join the all women's gym down the street. I used to go there in high school, and its a great place, on top of having a resonable monthly fee, unlike some of the other places around here.

Well, ladies, enjoy your Sunday nights, good luck to you all and have a wonderful start to your week! I'll be in touch!
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