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Im dieting and my husband isnt! His weight is out of control but he yo yo diets and is in his eating phase.
To make it a bit easier for me I try to eat an early dinner before he's home so i don't get caught up in potions being too big because his dinner may look so big on the plate, if i downsize mine,it may look smaller but is actually still not the right potions.
So for now I eat 1st and save my salad to eat when he sits down to dinner.
As far as the snacking after dinner which he really enjoys, I save some carbs & have some popcorn,dry cereal or a fruit (or your choice od food that fits your diet)when he is snacking.
I really weigh and log all my foods through the day to make me so motivated by evening that i~ see it in writing~ as i ck my log that the day is almost over and i've done so well- it's not worth it to eat cookies with him as we watch tv.
I've also asked him to wait for 2wks before we go out to eat- this gives time to build will power and make good choices when I do go out!
Good Luck to you and have some patience-everything in life is better when you add a portion of patience to it!
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