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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
Have you talked to your BF about your wants and needs? Is he supportive? Mine will cook me whatever I want even if he hates that particular food (He'll just make himself what he wants separately). You can do it, hun! Don't give up!
Oh my gosh that is one great guy! I've been with my husband nearly 20 years now (married 13) and I can count on one hand the times he has cooked for me. And he is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy so when I cook something that he thinks is ''healthy" (i.e. bran muffins, zucchini bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, yogurt etc. ) he won't touch it. Rarely eats fruits or vegetables either. If he is cooking for you, keep him!

In answer to the original question, try making sure you work on your attitude. There are a few books and articles out there about self-compassion and losing weight. I know for me, I will get down in the dumps and tell myself that I will eat "just a little" candy, cookies, etc and pretty soon I've eaten much more than I wanted to and I feel awful and mentally I hate myself. Find ways to reward yourself that don't involve food. Be proud of the little achievements along the way and face the bad times and put them behind you. Be kind to yourself along this journey.
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