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Yeah definitely want to get back to 100 lbs lost, i can't believe i made it there and let it slip away! Oh well nothing like a good challenge again!!

Its funny how not paying attention to food and portion sizes can kill. A year and a half ago we would go to Subway and i would order a turkey salad and bowl of soup for a dinner when i was losing weight. Then i switched and just had a turkey sub which i thought added 300 calories.

By this year if i went after work i would order 1 1/2 subs, soup and coffee. When i started again 2 weeks ago that was the first food i checked out and was shocked to see i was eating 1000 calories!!!
Started weightloss January 7 267

Currently weigh in at 267 lbs

December 1 goal 190 lbs

I'm back after a couple year absence... and a 68lb weight gain!!
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