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Thank you My summer wasn't hard on me, i had just gotten to the point where i needed to step back. From December to May i had put on a dozen pounds and couldn't eat well ( to lose weight) more than 2 days in a row.

I just got to the point after a year and a half of eating that way to step back and live life. So for summer i ate everything and larger portions but all really healthy food, no fast food, once a month restaurant food.

I knew when my size 36 pants were very tight it was time to change.... and here i am! I started three weeks ago and now i am down 5 pounds and my mind and focus are a thing of beauty... i feel so connected again to where i am going.
Started weightloss January 7 267

Currently weigh in at 267 lbs

December 1 goal 190 lbs

I'm back after a couple year absence... and a 68lb weight gain!!
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