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Question Don't want to fail this time! Any tips?

I'm two days into my routine and determined to stay on track and work hard to reach my goals. But I'm nervous since so many serious efforts have failed after only one week, and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for someone who is prone to rationalization and giving up.

Ideally I'd like to lose the 40 pounds I've put on slowly since freshman year of college 8 years ago. I've tried half a dozen times in the last couple years, and each time I am adamant about it to the point of obsession - for exactly 7 days. At that point, I've always given up, convincing myself that being overweight isn't so bad and the struggle to stay in control of my consumption isn't worth the "quality of life" that gluttony of food and drink provides.

Another challenge is that my goddamn boyfriend can (and does!) eat whatever junk he wants without having to worry about weight. He's blessed with an ideal metabolism. I, however, have grown a bit since we first started dating, and I want to look good for him (and myself, of course) without asking him to alter his lifestyle, or making him feel bad about how he eats around me.

Does anyone have any tips for staying on track and keeping focus in the long run? My mind plays tricks on me -- I know I can gain control if I can find a way to train myself for success, I just don't know how.
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