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Originally Posted by juliedealer View Post
Hmmm, my list is chronological, wonder why?
You got me stumped. You should post this question under Support and ask there. Something is very strange.

Here's a partial display of my foods, all alphabetical as you can see:

American Cheese, slice, GV
Applesauce, Motts (1/2 cup)
Apricots, canned, Kroger Lite (8 halves) [^ K]
Banana, Large, 8" [^ Fiber, ^ K, ^ Mg]
Banana, Medium [^ Fiber, ^ K, ^ Mg]
Barilla Rigatoni (1/2 box), [^^ Fe]
Barilla Spaghetti (10 ounces)
Bread, Multi-Grain, ARNOLD (1 slice) [^ Fiber, ^ Fe]
Bread, Whole Wheat, Organic, Kroger (1 slice)
Broccoli Florets, Frozen, Bird's Eye (1 cup is 87 g. = 30 cal) [^ Potassium]
Burger, Turkey, 93-7%, 6.7 oz., Shady Farms [^ Fe, ^ Cholesterol] seasoned with "Grill Time" hamburger->Na addition only
Burrito Shell, Plain, Ole [^^ Fiber, ^ Protein]
Burrito Shell, Tomato-Basil, Ole [^^ Fiber, ^ Protein]
Carrot, large, 7.25-8.5" long, (^ Fiber, ^ K, ^^^ Vitamin A)
Cereal, Multi-Grain, GV (3/4 cup)
Cottage Cheese, Fat Free, 1/4 cup (Kroger) [^ Protein, Cholesterol]
English Muffin, Kroger
Fiber Bar, Oats & Choc., GV
Fiber Bar, Oats & Peanut Butter, GV
Grits, Organic, Whole Foods (1/4 Cup) %

You say you've used FitDay "since it came out". Perhaps back then it didn't sort alphabetically, but sorted chronologically. Then when the site converted to alphabetical, the new settings were not applied to your account. In which case, it may just take a little "magic" from the IT guy to fix this. I think you need to inquire about this, because I can see it being intolerable the way it is right now.

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