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Originally Posted by helveticat View Post
I've become a bit of a supplement-popper, I'm afraid, contrary to a whole life of telling people they're unnecessary. I've been taking L-Carnitine, green tea & a 100% multivitamin with fish oil for the last 3 months. I also take creatine but not for weight loss and I'm cycled off it at the moment.

So Vito, I'm interested in the Choline-Inositol you're using. I noticed you can get these straight or, at considerably greater expense, stacked with an amino acid called Methionine. There's a bit of info about it here: Google "The Effects Of Methionine On Weight Loss."

As with L-Carnitine and green tea it seems the scientific evidence is pretty thin, and it may not really do anything useful from a weight loss perspective. But if anyone has any tales to tell about it (incl any side effects) I'd be interested.
Helveticat, funny we are taking pretty much the same things. I've tried L-Carnitine and really gave it a go, but as far as a weight loss supplement I've found it to give minimal results. No side effects and I was taking 1500 mg./day. They say the minimal for weight loss is that amount, but the stuff is so expensive I was limiting it.

The Carnitine seems too demanding when it comes to it's requirements as well. When you take it important, as well as having to keep your carb intake below 50%.

The fish oil is a proven winner, not just from a standpoint of being a diet supplement.

The green tea (my own brewed) I am pretty sure is helping boost my metabolism because since I've been drinking it in earnest the pounds have been melting off. Plus it's helped with my hunger.

I'm fairly confident in the Choline-Inositol. I use Swanson brand because they offer a great price. It's also where I got their generic brand of Capsimax (which is now just labeled as Cayenne). A few friends who take a lot of supplements (because they are battling Lyme Disease) turned me on to the site because of the value. Just google it.

I've heard methionine also helps with weight loss, but I don't see any reason to stack it with the C-I. I've found the C-I to be so effective that I can't imagine how stacking could improve it. I think the fish oil + C-I combo is really a great combo.

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