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Hey, good people, I'm skipping the weigh-in this week (TTOM), but wanted to show my (online) face and wish you all congrats and encouragement!

Glad to hear the new program is working for you, Yunalee -sounds like it's giving you an awesome kickstart. Congrats and welcome to Vickey, as well.

Welcome to Jane, and remember to just keep trying. It can be tough to get ourselves to work out - the hardest part for many of us is just in starting. Also, sounds like your body may be "evening out" in terms of weight loss - 12# in 3 weeks is awesome, but not typically a maintainable rate of loss for the long run. Keep at it, and you'll see a loss soon, although it may be more in the 1-2#/week range.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but a couple of weeks ago, I (finally) realized that the burning, uncomfortable feeling in my thigh meant tendonitis in my quad. So... my usual intensity of exercise is out of the question for a good bit (another month before I can slowly add it back in), and it sucks. I'm having a hard time convincing myself to do mild exercise, because I don't really like mild exercise. :/ But now I'm not even doing anything. I have to come up with a new routine that barely involves lower body, is waaaaay low-impact, and doesn't bore me to death. Bah. Hopefully I'll come up with something and actually do it this upcoming week. I tried doing the Wii, since that's how I started exercising to begin with, but it bored me. :/ Lol, ok, enough whining, have a lovely week, all.
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