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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
Sex burns like 900-1000 calories per hour, and well it's lots of fun...

ok so that covers about 200 calories for me lol
Yes, well that's one of the problems in using sex as a fitness strategy. Also that calorie burn rate is just for intercourse, foreplay is less of a workout, unless of course it involves some pole dancing...

Tell you what, I love to workout with music, it just gets me going and keeps me moving. It doesn't matter what it is, elliptical, walking, dancing, step aerobics, housekeeping, yard work - whatever, it's a lot more fun (and seems less like work) when I have my tunes on. You just have to get past what people will think if they see you shaking your booty. At the very least I'm getting closer to having a booty that should be shaken. Booty-licious here I come.
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