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I hear you about price. For the most part I'm not buying organic but would buy more if the prices were comparable to regular. So far I've just tried some organic veggies and really haven't noticed a difference in flavor.

The real difference is the popcorn I've been eating lately. I found "Fireworks" on the website that sounds like a tropical rain forest, and it's priced pretty much equal to Orville R. For sure it's got a better flavor and the company claims that it's because they are using heritage seeds, just like the corn granny used to eat.

But this is a journey. Perhaps we'll get into it with more organic as time goes on, or we'll just start growing our own veggies. Honestly GMO doesn't freak me out or anything, it's just one of those things I'm very weary about and given the choice I try to avoid it. Unfortunately we're at a point in history where our engineered foods are a giant, unproven experiment. 50 years from now the data will be in.
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