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1. How much weight have you lost?

About 26 pounds so far, down from 178. My lean body weight is about 143 (As per D. R. Miller Formula) so my current weight of 152 is not far off, but the plan is to settle at 147.

2. How long have you been a FitDay member?

Since the end of July, 2011.

3. What motivated you to start using FitDay?

I did a Google search for tracking calories, was looking for a robust site. FitDay met all my requirements.

4. What advice would you give someone who is trying to loose weight, or is considering signing up for FitDay?

It's all about calories in versus calories out/burned. No special diet is needed. This is all about portion control and FitDay is a proven strategy for success.

5. What is your favorite FitDay feature?

The diversity and the robustness of the FitDay Reports. They are very educational and while working towards 'good numbers' you can't help but become very educated about nutrition. It's like you become your very own nutritionist.

6. How has FitDay changed your eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits?

In every way. I now eat 'clean' and enjoy it. I feel more energy and my mind is clear; I know I am healthy. The journaling, along with the Forum, has motivated me to exercise. For the first time in my life, I'm confident that I have the power to control my diet and this alone motivates me to continue in this new lifestyle.
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