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Originally Posted by Brad View Post
I know it's counter-intuitive to the typical weight-loss goals of most folks, but I have a problem just the same. I have tried to update my weight-goal showing a GAIN of 30 pounds but it will not allow it.

I am a small guy, 5' 9" ish and 125 pounds. Some would call this scrawny; so be it. But my goal is to indeed put on 25-30 pounds of mass primarily being muscle mass. Is there any way to modify this FitDay experience to my needs? Is there ANYONE on here that utilizes the service to this side of the fence? I'm looking to do P90X and use heavy weights with low reps and change my 'diet' to skyrocket my protein intake and hopefully this combination will yield a weight gain and give a skinny guy some bulk!


Thank you,
Brad, I can't help you in regards to fitday, but have a couple questions for you. 1) how old are you? 2) how many calories do you consume & burn per day?
I did P90X and it will help put on muscle but is more geared for getting people lean. It will help but you may want to go easy on the cardio routines, they'll have you burning too many calories to put on 25-30 pounds. Have you tried any weight gainers?
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