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Hello fellow ADD... I found this forum via a bodybuilding web site... this is my first post so I hope I do well. Anyway, what I found is that while on medication, our bodies are medicated so when we stop taking a particular med, aka chemical the brain wants it and pushes our cravings in order to medicate. That was what my psychologist told me as he has helped me since I stopped that med as well as Lamictal and even stopped as a matter of fact ALL my medications except for ibuprophen 800's for headaches.

I can say the moderate exercise had not helped level out the moods but the concoction of herbs I learned about and take do help. I take MACA root, and take a rich amount of vitamin products... I think we have my brain as fixed as it can be with the bodybuilding and protein powders which DO help cravings and they are low calorie, high protein.

As for your pulse, I thought the med raised blood pressure and not the pulse? I learned something new...

I want you to please look up cardiac burst training, that actually is better for our weight loss AND better for your heart as you raise your HR, then lower it then raise it, lower it, so on and so forth. You'll find the same if not better results and again try some protein powder, namely a whey and or creatine combo... It isn't just for bodybuilding, it can be helpful as a meal replacement too. One reason I say those vs. atypical meal replacement shake is the Adkins, etc shakes don't have enough protein IMO to stave off cravings and besides, I swear these other kinds taste actually GOOD. I put mine in a blender and add ice to make a creamy almost milk shake type treat.

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