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Exclamation Major bug in nutrient calculation?

I think I've found a bug in the way FitDay computes total nutrition. Look at the entry for "Milk, skim or nonfat, 0.5% or less butterfat". Now look at the label: 25% of your RDA for Vitamin D. The standard RDA for vitamin D is 5 micrograms, so 25% of this would be 1.25 micrograms. Now look at the "Total Nutrition" tab. It lists 2.5 micrograms, or 50% of RDA. This is double the amount it should be.

This is not the only area where there is a discrepancy. All of the nutrients seem to have higher values under Total Nutrition, which are clearly used in computing the daily %RDA/%AI graph and the nutrient reports. This bug seems to be present in all or many food entries. This may explain why for many foods in the database, FitDay reports much higher nutrient values than the labels do.

Could we please get the bug or bugs fixed? It makes the micronutrient info on FitDay nearly useless.

Note: all of these computations are for exactly one serving, and a roughly 2000 kcal diet (standard for an adult male).

I have also cross-posted this to the Reports forum, since I'm not sure where the cause lies.
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