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Default Has anyone read the China Report by T. Colin Campbell?

It left me speechless, dumbfounded and as a premium, it knocked my socks off!

Mr. Campbell, a well known American scientist in the food industry used to research on how to produce meat faster, cheaper and better.

He went on to fulfill a distinguished career as researcher for several Universities, among which Cornell, MIT and Virginia Tech and was involved in policy making at the highest levels for many decades.

The China Study was one of the resulting benefits of Nixon's visit to China, that opened the door to mutual cooperation between the US and Chinese scientists and spanned a period of 25 years.

The conclusions are mind boggling.

For one, it states meat is not good for health.

As a matter of fact, the study seems to indicate that meat, whatever its origin, would be one of the main culprits causing cancer.

It would seem that to remain healthy and fit better and longer, we should eradicate any proteins that have animal origin from our diet.

When reading the book, many arguments are supported by abundant and thoroughly researched proof.

Mr. Campbell himself states he has become a vegetarian as he learned over time how detrimental eating meat was to the body's health.

How ironic that I was in the middle of a protein diet when I read this.
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