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Originally Posted by kailaross View Post
I think it is very important to read the book and understand the underlying principles. This is a program that forces your body to burn fat rather than sugar. I firmly believe the controlled carb diet is the best lifetime plan, but I confess that my own addictive behaviour has taken control time and time again. The Atkins program works for weight loss, and a feel good body.... but I have repeated it a number of times and then fallen back into gorging on bread and sneaking chocolate bars.

I'm off to a fresh start and am reading the book again. THIS TIME will be different.
I've read the books and understand it. It works for some but not me. I was having issues with it health wise - getting the shakes etc. I've been doing the Zone for ten years with no issues, I'll stick to that. I need to keep my blood sugar level all day (I have low blood sugar) so the Zone helps me with that and I maintain a good, healthy weight.

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