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So sorry about being lazy on the posting over the weekend...very busy lots of yard work happening...consistant with the Zumba and Turbo Jam also...didn't look at scale since last week though. Maybe I will feel skinny tomorrow. Didn't track food either this wknd but stayed seem to be doing well. I have a Girls wknd planned this coming wknd in Milwaukee guessing I will be bad...lots of walking though. Hitting it hard this wk so I won't feel so quilty this wknd. The one good thing about 2nd shift is I actually get a lot more done in the AM at home then I am forced to stay up...helps with the eating also. When I worked days found it easier to mis behave...Beer...late night suppers...skipped Workouts(too tired) etc. Now I excersise first thing...get house/yard work done and head into work. Keeps me honest
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