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Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
Hey Vito -- what do you mean by "tag"?
Hey Paul, "tags" are what we use to add to threads as a key search word. The ability to add tags are at the bottom of every thread and can be used by any user. One just clicks the "edit tags" option at the bottom of the page and then can enter either 1 or 2 tags. I think Mods can add more than 2, but I'm not sure.

The reason why tags are important is because when one clicks the "Search" box in the blue bar located at the top of the page, they can do a "tag search". So if forum members are diligent in adding tags to threads, it makes it easy for anyone to find threads related to a particular topic.

It's really a nice feature because the tags themselves are hypertext, so when one clicks on a particular tag a page is brought up which displays all the threads that have been designated with that particular tag.

One reason why tags are important is to help members, and to try to limit the same questions being asked over and over again. For example, if one does a tag search for "fitday questions" they will be able to view all of the previous questions that people have asked, and these threads may in fact answer their question without the person having to start a whole new thread.

I've given a detailed answer for the benefit of all forum users here. I'm not sure too many people know what tags are or just how important they can be.

FYI I just added "forum" as a tag to this thread.

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