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Lightbulb A Week of Lessons Learned

As far as weight and maintenance, I am up 1 pound from last week but had a little wiggle room for just such emergencies! Not bad since I wasn't feeling well and pretty inactive for a couple days. And then, had the stress of remodeling (long days, not eating in proper balance).

I learned so much about why I eat and when. I guess it seems obvious, but I was actually able to watch myself behave badly when I was over tired (I deserve to eat because I worked hard), when I'm sick (I deserve to eat because I feel like crap), and when I'm stressed (I deserve to eat because I bit my tongue and had patience with my elderly mother).

Being able to recognize this, I will now work on substituting food with something else. Not the mani/pedi, massage kind of girl. I've been the family and extended family nurturer/caregiver for so long that I don't remember what I like anymore. Time to find out.

So, this weeks goal is to find an alternative instant gratification to replace food. Any suggestions, let me know!

Thanks for letting me figure all this out in a post. Somehow, it seems more clear when you see it in writing. And thank you all for another week of your support and great advice. You'll never know how much it has helped me.


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